Our solutions are patented, market leading and award winning to benefit banking, finance, property and insurance organizations and their customers.

Solutions Overview

We offer a number of ground breaking solutions to benefit banks, insurers and property related organizations.

XpressLendTM helps banks and lenders to onboard customers and approve loan applications digitally.


RapidScreenTM enables instant approval capabilities for banks and lenders.


XpressCover TM gives insurers distribution capabilities via B2C and B2B2C channels.


RapidRateTM enables insurers and agents to setup any insurance product online in just 60 minutes.

Key Solutions in Focus

For insurers, re-insurers, brokers and agents

Xpress Lend

For banks and alternate lenders

Approve more loan applications, faster. An omni-channel loan origination system with instant approval capability.

Many lenders and alternative lenders are constantly striving to find solutions for robust, fast and comprehensive loan approval solutions. Xpress Lend provides instant loan approval & digital origination solution for lenders, and it integrates well with 3rd party data providers, as well as Apps and websites.

Xpress Lend Offers

Instant Loan Approval in Principal

Xpress Lend is able to provide instant loan approval across multiple products instantly.

Full 360 omnichannel loan origination

We operate a highly flexible omnichannel loan origination system covering everything from registration to disbursement.

Fast integration into your existing systems

Our solution is open API and offers fast integration with existing software, mobile apps and website infrastructure.

Integrates with 3rd party data

Xpress Lend integrates seamlessly with all forms of 3rd party data systems, including Credit Bureau.

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Rapid Rate

For insurers, re-insurers, brokers and agents

Set up any insurance product in just 60 minutes. An insurance rating engine that requires zero programming intervention.

Rapid Rate is ia flexible API driven ratings solution for insurers. Set up any insurance product in just 60 minutes.

Rapid Rate Offers

Rapid setup with Zero Programming Intervention

Set up in just 60 mins, and add new products or change rates of existing products without programming intervention. Significantly cutting down time & reducing cost.

Ease of Integration

Instant API generation, with quick and easy integration into 3rd party sales, marketing and distribution channels. So simple and so easy.

One system for all product lines

Move away from having to maintain multiple rating systems for multiple product lines. With Rapid Rate one system fits all product lines.

Quick 3rd party integration, shorter time to market

Stay ahead of the competition with the ability to innovate, and develop new product features and new product packages, and quickly build them into existing product lines.

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