We provide fintech consultancy services to businesses operating in the finance, property and insurance industries.

Quick and Accurate

Our goal is to provide tech consultancy services which deliver fast and highly accurate solutions for our clients. We strive to deliver speed and accuracy in all that we do.


We regularly conduct a wide variety of deep research projects to understand the latest needs, trends and issues relating to the financial, property, insurance and technology industries. This enable us to stay ahead!

We Understand Fintech

Regulatory and technological developments are changing the nature of financial markets, services, and institutions in ways which are unexpected and transformative. We constantly strive to keep abreast of changes and trends through our research initiatives, and we have a finger on the pulse of fintech, proptech and insuretech.

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Our technical, user experience and creative design teams deliver powerful user centric systems, processes and applications, which are fully aligned to both client and consumer needs.

Design Helps to Humanise Technology

People use different kinds of digital devices and tools to do all sorts of things. However, if they are not sure really how they work or don’t quickly understand how to use them effectively, they will not make use of it.

As a response, our tech design teams focus on making interactions with digital tools more people-friendly to improve how people leverage technology and consume information. Access to technology should make us more informed, effective and efficient. We believe it should help us to do things faster and smarter to save time and cost.

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Tech Development

Our teams of programmers and front end and back end developers deliver consulting projects for many major clients, and we are proud to deliver projects which utilise pioneering and patented technologies.

Developing Seamless Tech Enabled Services

Our Tech Development teams use technology to improve activities in finance, property and insurance. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, purchasing insurance and getting a loan for a property are examples of technologies aiming to make these complex industries more accessible to the general public.

We are working with many leading organsiations across these three fields in order to develop and improve seamless tech enabled services, and to gain an improved competitive advantage.

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Our vastly experienced marketing consultancy team delivers compelling solutions and campaigns which are well aligned to our target customers, delivering outstanding results.

Immersive Digital Marketing for our Clients

Marketing activities in fintech are moving fast, omnichannel marketing programmes cut right across the full spectrum of social and digital media. We work with a multitude of clients, including many global businesses. Our marketing consultancy work covers strategy, planning, generagting hype through direct marketing and editorial, video, infographics, gaming and interactive surveys. We succeed because we understand traffic, user needs, digital channel marketing, search engines and SEO.

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We manage the set up of operational systems and outsourcing of products and services for our clients, including all back end operations, customer servicing and 24 hour front line operations.

Secure, Efficient Outsourcing for Fintech Services

Whether you’re a fast-growing fintech or an established bank, insurance provider, credit agency, our services can help you acquire, nurture and solidify customer relationships. Our operations teams are focused on service excdllence, security and compliance, including the due diligence required to meet regulations impacting your business.

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We work with partners and collaborators to design and deliver seamless solutions for partners and customers in the fintech, property, insurance and financial industry sectors.

Strong Partnerships and Seamless Solutions

No man is an island, and no company works in isolation. We acknowledge the strengths of others and strive to foster partnerships with class leading organsations to deliver groundbreaking projects in fintech, proptech and insuretech.

We have recently delivered a project in insurance enabling motor insurance to be provided online through an insurance agent. This project is a partnership delivered alongside Zurich insurance, where we were the Technology Enabler. This is the first time motor insurance has been offered online in Malaysia via an insurance agent.

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Consulting Clients

We work with a wide range of industry leading clients from around the world, in banking finance,
property and insurance.