Loanplus provides single point loan screening & origination for property developers & real estate agencies.


Loanplus Platform Services

We have four services as part of Loanplus the platform, fulfilling specific needs of developers, agents, banks and users.

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Loan Check

Checks loan eligibility across 15 banks in 10 mins

Make well informed decisions across all major banks with in-depth loan eligibility checks.

Bulk Loan Check

Targets only qualified buyers for selling and events.

Make the best use of resources and improve marketing campaigns by targeting buyers according to their loan eligibility.

Bulk LoanCheck can process over 1000 applications in 24 hours.


Loan Tracker

Tracking and management of the complete loan process.

Enables property developers to drive customer loan origination with any bank supported by real time tracking across the complete loan ecosystem. Linked to bankers through a suite of dedicated mobile apps.

Plug in API

Loanplus services can be made available through a client’s existing systems and can be configured to specific needs with our Plug-in APIs. Connect seamlessly to benefit from our services whilst remaining in your own existing platforms with the same look and feel.


Key Features of Loanplus


Developer Dashboard

Dashboards, reports, and integrated productivity tools help provide a detailed overview of agent and customer activities, and enables bankers to be able to stay on point reducing sales conversion and loan approval turnaround times.


Loan Check Report

Our proprietary Loan Score Report provides deep actionable and insightful information on an indvidual’s loan eligibility, in an easily digestible format for property developers and their potential

Loanplus Clients

We work with a wide range of industry leading clients from around the world in property,
real estate and banking.


We are National and International Award Winners.

Malaysia APICTA Awards 2018 winner

On Friday, 21st September 2018 in Kuala Lumpur Finology won the Malaysia MSC APICTA Awards for Consumer Banking, Insurance & Finance.

Malaysia APICTA Awards 2018 winner

On Saturday 13 October 2018 in Guangzhou, Finology and its Loanplus service finished in the Top 3 with a Merit Award in the Asia Pacific ICTA Awards for Consumer Banking, Finance and Insurance.