Driving Change Through Great Fintech Solutions

We provide SaaS platforms, off-the-shelf solutions & technology consulting. Clients in banking, property & insurance sectors.

About Finology

We are a Malaysian Fintech company driving change in the banking, property, and insurance industries.

We are the company behind the established brands Loanstreet & Loanplus.

The company also provides white-labelled solutions for MNC clients through its consultancy arm Fincon.

Helping to create seamless digital ecosystems which enable everyone to get fast and easy access to finance and insurance


We operate two Technology Platforms which offer help to consumers in personal finance, insurance and property. Client and partner businesses engaged in these areas also benefit from working closely with us.

Loanstreet is a leading personal finance portal that compares banking and insurance products in Malaysia.

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Loanplus provides quick, accurate loan screening results and digital loan approval tracking for property developers. Users can get loan eligibility checks across 17 banks in 15 minutes.

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We provide proprietary digital solutions to enable instant loan approvals and insurance underwriting. Our solutions transforms the processes for businesses and simplifies the customer experience.

Xpress Lend

For banks and alternate lenders

Approve more loan applications, faster. An omni-channel loan origination system with instant approval capability.

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Rapid Rate

For insurers, re-insurers, brokers and agents

Set up any insurance product in just 60 minutes. An insurance rating engine that requires zero programming intervention.

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We provide bespoke consulting services covering banking & insurance industries.


We regularly conduct a wide variety of deep research projects to understand the latest needs, trends and issues relating to the financial, property, insurance and technology industries. This enable us to stay ahead!


Our technical, user experience and creative design teams deliver powerful user centric systems, processes and applications, which are fully aligned to both client and consumer needs.

Tech Development

Our teams of programmers and front end and back end developers deliver consulting projects for many major clients, and we are proud to deliver projects which utilise pioneering and patented technologies.


Our vastly experienced marketing consultancy team delivers compelling solutions and campaigns which are well aligned to our target customers, delivering outstanding results.


We manage the set up of operational systems and outsourcing of products and services for our clients, including all back end operations, customer servicing and 24 hour front line operations.


We work with partners and collaborators to design and deliver seamless solutions for partners and customers in the fintech, property, insurance and financial industry sectors.


We are National and International Award Winners.

Malaysia APICTA Awards 2018 winner

On Friday, 21st September 2018 in Kuala Lumpur Finology won the Malaysia MSC APICTA Awards for Consumer Banking, Insurance & Finance.

Malaysia APICTA Awards 2018 winner

On Saturday 13 October 2018 in Guangzhou, Finology and its Loanplus service finished in the Top 3 with a Merit Award in the Asia Pacific ICTA Awards for Consumer Banking, Finance and Insurance.

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of clients from around the world in banking, property and insurance. Here are just few of our clients.